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U.N. ‘Secretly Working With Banks’ to Destroy American Food Industry

icon Feb 06, 2024

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(WND)—Farmers are under attack in multiple food-producing nations now.

WND reported just days ago on a video that showed empty stores in France, where a climate agenda threatened the production processes for farmers, and they more or less staged a strike.

And just recently, in Germany, farmers blocked highways in protest over costly and unnecessary agriculture policies.

Now, however, there’s a new campaign against farmers, in which the United Nations works with banks to debank the food producers, closing their accounts and not allowing them to operate their businesses.

The report is from NewsAddicts, which explained officials from 12 U.S. states have sounded an alarm after finding out the “unelected globalist United Nations is secretly working with banks to destroy the American farming industry.”

The report explained the banks use the U.N.’s “Marxist ‘environmental, social, and corporate governance’ (ESG) criteria to score and penalize farmers.”

They found that those farmers not sufficiently “woke,” that is, using methods and processes that are not ESG-approved, have their accounts shut down without notice, the report said.

The report charged, “The plot seeks to throttle the agriculture industry to eliminate all those who fail to comply with the globalist ‘Net Zero’ agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF).”

The actual attack structure works through the U.N.’s “Net Zero Banking Alliance, the report explained.

But that has prompted agriculture commissioners in a dozen states to accuse several of America’s larger banking corporations of working to increase food prices – and even reduce availability.

The report said, “They criticize the banks’ membership in the NZBA, which aims to finance ambitious climate action, potentially harming American farming and ranching operations by promoting an agenda that prioritizes wind turbines and solar panels over energy sources such as diesel fuel.”

The bank’s ESG ideology actually poses a threat to the world’s food security, they said.

Now is the time to stock up on high-quality, long-term storage beef.

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icon February 6, 2024


The reasoning to get deep in your life and bar producing meat or rice to eat or go to silly measures to dispose of biological waste and even go completely silly putting “masks on cows,” even tax husbandry to death is based on the false assumption that methane is a by-product of its cultivation and is a “green house gas.” It is not a greenhouse gas.

Methane is an irrelevant greenhouse gas outside of the laboratory and in the atmosphere because it only absorbs and retains Earth’s otherwise escaping long-wave energy to space in two very specific short radiation bands @ 3.3 & 7.5 microns of the much larger electromagnetic spectrum, where that energy in those narrow bands is also absorbed by water vapor. Water vapor is 5000 to 10,000 times as prevalent in the atmosphere as methane and has long since saturated the energy absorption factor in those narrow spectral bands leaving virtually no energy for which methane can compete and certainly not enough to worry about increased levels of methane capturing. Stated another way, the only source for methane capture of energy in the atmosphere has long ago been exhausted by humidity. What it can do in the laboratory (25-84 times more energy absorbent than CO2 depending on what you read) without competing gases absorbing IR radiation, it cannot do in the atmosphere because there is no energy left to capture in those bands in which it can only absorb energy that might otherwise escape Earth into the void of outer space.

For the reasons stated, fear of methane affecting climate change is scientifically illusory and nonsense. Despite what you have heard and read methane has no discernible effect in the atmosphere on Earth’s temperature or climate.

Read more aggregate of the science involved from these sources (math & charts, if you are interested) —

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