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Bloomberg Declares Opposition to Lab-Grown Meat to Be “Conservative Cultural Insecurity”

icon Apr 10, 2024

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icon April 10, 2024


And for you deviants at Bloomberg? You’re either a cowboy or a wimp. In your case a Jew cowboy or Jew wimp. I’ll take Jewish wimps for 600 Alex. It’s time to get all the Jews out of our Government and business.

icon April 10, 2024

Thank goodness I'm not a Yankee

When I see the NY Pygmy chowing down on a big platter of Lab Tumor (RARE)!
Then I might think about it while I eat my big juicy cow Steak on a bigger platter.
Till then the pygmy can ……. well I can’t say it….. But BloomPygmy #^%#^&#^#^#&^^^#
#hashtag skid marked undies!

icon April 10, 2024

Thank goodness I'm not a Yankee

Bill,epsteenisland, Gates too

icon April 19, 2024

Moe Wigsoe

When Bloomberg has the annual company picnic and serves artificially cancer-cell created “meat,” and TELLS THE ATTENDEES AHEAD OF TIME, and they all eat it, OF COURSE I will not eat it too, any more than I took the Genocide Jab because Peter Daszak was filmed getting a saline shot. It will be staged, like Potemkin did urban renewal. I might try a cockroach brioche, though, if they have cow snot butter to put on it….

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